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Easily get your product in front of our 4.1 Million social media followers.

Raising the bar for educational and inspirational videos, our content is proven to drive sales to the brands we feature. ToolsToday® is one of the fastest growing resources for premium branded cutting tools, workshop machinery and supplies, with service around the globe.

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Our passion for high quality, application driven content created in our fully stocked 4,000 sq. ft. / 400 sq. m studio/workshop has seen ToolsToday® reach an audience of over 4M followers on social media networks. Customers benefit from the product offering of best in class brands, wide range of product applications, quick global service, expert technical support, knowledgeable customer service and competitive market prices.

Brands selling on ToolsToday® benefit from having direct interest marketing to millions around the world, flexible terms and shipping options, resulting in better performance and experience compared to other ‘market place’ e-commerce platforms. We supply a range of premium branded machinery including the latest technology in workshop CNC machines, power tools, table saws and other workshop supplies, along with a wide choice of cutting tools including router bits, CNC router bits, PCD/Diamond router bits, saw blades, shaper cutters, and boring & drill bits for wood, plastic, aluminum and composite industries. So, whether you are a customer looking for a wide choice of workshop supplies or a premium brand looking for a direct interest global distribution partner, ToolsToday® is your priority choice.

ToolsToday®️ helps your brand grow, as we grow along with you.
  • Easy to navigate, fully functional e-commerce platform for quick product selection
  • Worldwide, door to door global shipping for seamless sales in all currencies. IP country blocking available if you don’t want your products sold in certain regions or countries
  • Daily multi-content marketing program featuring dynamic social media influencers
  • Adherence to brand MAP policy
  • Over 10,500 verified reviews from highly satisfied customers.
  • Full EDI capability for fast and seamless transactions.
  • Fully stocked and functional 4,000 sq. ft. / 400 sq. m studio/workshop has seen ToolsToday® reach an audience of over 4.1M followers on social media networks.



Unique 4,000 sq. ft. studio workshop

We are passionate about producing the highest quality content to educate our audience about the correct ways to use tooling as recommended by the manufacturer and to give inspiration to thousands in project goals.