Honeycomb Composite Cutting Router Bits

Designed for cutting Aluminum Honeycomb Panel (AHP), Bioboard, Carbon Fiber, Composites, Falconboard, Honeycomb Cardboard, Thermoplastic Honeycomb and more for applications in market segments such as packaging, aerospace, automotive and building & construction.

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Honeycomb sandwich panels are proven to be one of the most efficient sandwich design materials with respect to mechanical performance and weight. The aerospace industry regularly uses honeycomb materials to meet the tough requirements of related applications. Shop are large selection of honeycomb cutting router bits.

Composites are materials made from two or more materials with different chemical properties that when combined, produce a material with characteristics stronger from either of the individual components. Generally used for bridges and structures such as boat hulls, swimming pool panels, race car bodies, shower stalls, bathtubs, storage tanks, imitation granite, cultured marble sinks, counter tops, buildings, and demanding spacecraft environments.