Panel and Scoring Saw Blades

Carbide Tipped Panel Scoring Saw Blades

Fabricated by the foremost producer of steel plates in Germany, all plates are defined to a maximum run out tolerance of .002 ensuring premium results. All Panel Saw blades carry H-7 specs for bore and pinhole accuracy to minimize vibration.

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Adjusting the scoring set is quick and easy with the EZ Dial™ Adjustable Scoring Set.  Simply turn the dial to adjust the width of the score. Adjustments can easily be made, while scoring set is mounted on the machine. The Amana Tool® Conical Type Scoring Sets features our standard carbide tips, simply match the kerf width of your main blade by adjusting the scoring blade’s cutting depth.

With conical type scoring blades, the kerf width changes with depth of penetration. The Ditec Conical Type Scoring Sets feature longer lasting Ditec™ carbide tips that when used in combination with Amana Tool's® industrial saw blades, produce chip-free cuts on both sides of the material.

Proprietary micro grain carbide is used to meet today’s requirements for cutting abrasive, man made materials. Amana Tool® knows that “tool life” is a big issue and that down time added to frequent sharpening is costly and inflates the bottom line. To produce a premium panel saw, Amana Tool® has invested heavily in technology for developing the right equipment.

DYNAMIC BALANCING: A brand new tire is always balanced! It is put on a balancing machine and spun at high speed; counter weight (lead) is added to the spots required. The tire then gets installed on the car. This procedure eliminates a host of mishaps including the possibility of an auto accident. Amana's Panel Saws are finished with this crucial advantage in mind. After the blades have been brazed and put through a 2 step sharpening process to insure the utmost quality, they are mounted on a highly exacting balance machine and run at high speed. A gauge indicates at what points as well as the exact mass of material that needs to be removed in order to have a balanced blade. “Balancing” insures that the blade will deliver a better cut and last longer. “Balancing” will dramatically extend the life of your machine by reducing “arbor pull”.

DYNAMIC STRAIGHTNESS: Amana’s unique method to reduce “run out”, without hammering the blade. After years of producing blades they have found that the molecules in the steel have “memory” and tend to “rebound” to their original form. This method keeps the blades running true much longer resulting in a better quality of cut.

TENSIONING: The depression ring usually evident on any better blade is one of the final steps in the production process. A blade goes through stress at time of cutting; this ring disperses the stress throughout the blade and eliminates dishing and warping.

saw blade guidelines for safetySafety Guidelines for Saw Blades.