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Top 5 Essential Woodworking Router Bits

Top 5 Essential Woodworking Router Bits

Matt Plumlee
3 minute read

There are many different types of router bits used to cut wood, but Toolstoday’s Matt Plumlee is going to break it down to the most essential, top 5 router bits you need for your router!

Each bit type will have two item numbers listed.  If you have the ability to use a 1/2″ shank bit always use it for extra stability, but if you’re using a trim router and can only use 1/4″ shank bits we have those listed for you as well.

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1. A flush trim bit is a staple in any woodworking shop making the 47104 (1/4″ shank) or the 47108 (1/2″ shank) great options for your shop.  Each bit is 1/2″ in diameter with a 1″ cut height.  A flush trim bit has a bearing on the top of the bit and the cutting knives line up perfectly with it.  The bearing will ride against the profile of a piece and trim the remaining material flush to the profile.  It is truly one of the most used bits and will certainly become yours as well!

2. Rounding a corner over with a corner round bit is one of the most common edge treatments in woodworking making the 49504 (1/4″ shank) or the 49506 (1/2″ shank) 1/4″ roundover bit our next choice.  The 1/4″ radius creates a nice edge that is soft to the touch, adding this simple edge treatment can really change the look of a project!

3. Adding a chamfer to the edge of a piece is one of the most simple, yet effective, edge treatments available making the 49400 (1/4″ shank) or the 49402  (1/2″ shank) 1-1/4″ 45° chamfer bit our next choice.  A chamfer can be used to add a simple modern edge to a piece or can even be used to create a perfect 45° miter joint making it a very versatile bit that will definitely see lots of use in your shop!

4. Straight plunge bits are amazingly useful and versatile bits making the 45210 (1/4″ shank) or the 45486 (1/2″ shank) 1/4″ diameter straight bit our next choice.  These bits can be used to create stopped dados with a plunge router or used in a router table to create through dados, just move the fence over to whatever size you need to create the perfect sized dado.  These can also be used in sign carving to remove material in larger areas!

5. Miniature router bits are some of my favorite to use in the shop making the AMS-614 set our final choice.  This set features a mini flush trim bit, 1/8″ radius corner round and 9/16″ diameter 45° chamfer bit all featuring a 3/16″ diameter ball bearing.  This tiny ball bearing allows you to get into very tight corners that virtually no other bit can get to, while the ball bearing keeps the bit from burning unlike brass pilot bits.  These are some of the most used bits in my shop and you are sure to be reaching for these bits when working in tight areas!

In conclusion, we hope that this has helped you decide which wood cutting router bits are most important to buy when getting into woodworking.  We are confident that you will see great results with all bits listed here. Just read the reviews on them, you won’t be disappointed!

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